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Here I am, it's Christmas Eve 2009. I am not sure when the first Christmas was officially established, but with an acceptable range of error, there has been around 2,000 Christmas Eves. God knows how many more there will be! In the scheme of things 2,000 may someday seem almost "contemporary" to the actual birth of Jesus.

I am sitting on my bed/futon with my bags packed for Christmas and the long weekend in the burbs. I always seem to end up with numerous bags despite my constant promise to only pack "the bare essentials" this time. Oy.

One excuse for the plural bags is the material I need for my final two graduate school applications, Arizona State and University of Iowa. This sadly includes a scanner....thank you Arizona. While I am bitching about Arizona, I also have to say that I never expected to be asked my teaching philosophy at this point in my career. I guess I am further along than I think?

While I wait for my "carriage" back to the burbs, Emma "the Joker" Monkey is cuddling on my lap and using my arm to rest her little head. My typing must annoy her somewhat, but she is dealing with it. Since I am not a better typer this sometimes requires me to move by whole arm to reach a key. Fortunately I am on my netbook and everything is relatively smaller/closer anyway.

My family typically just tells each other what they want and thus know what we are getting each other. This year I thought I was getting a Droid Smartphone, but due to financial restrictions (thank you application fees) and a diminished interest I haven't used the money she gave me to buy it yet. Thus I effectively have no present from my mother and it's totally my fault. Oddly I feel worse for her than for myself. She made me promise not to use it on bills, etc so I am kinda of strapped for ideas.

Maybe I'll get that guitar I have been thinking about for a while. The trick is that I really hope I actually learn/practice it! Each passing year I pledge to do so, but it never comes to pass. I had a similar problem with keeping up with the Bass and the Piano. Since I have the added bonus of having ready audiences (CCM events/Open Mics), I am better off doing it now than later. Another possibility is to use the money towards ballet lessons/gear. That would be a hoot! 

Hm.....the last two paragraphs come off kinda vain. Whatever, it's a real concern of mine. I can be vain, I know it.

Kitty is smelling my face, I think she likes the chap-stick I am using. Hehe.

Okay, here I go! Christmas Eve with my Dad's Family (a lot of strong personalities), followed by a rush back to the city for Midnight Mass at St. Vincent's (I am serving), and back to the burbs again for Christmas morning/day with my mom, siblings and likely grandma. I think we are planning on seeing Sherlock Homes on Christmas Day....we'll need luck to get tickets for that! 

Typically I get a lot of anxiety before events happens rather than after or during, thus right now I am feeling kinda crummy. Once I get into the car and on my way I am sure I'll pep up. With that said, Merry Christmas to all!

How can we do this to each other?

A DePaul student was shot and killed last night, another one is in critical condition, but stable. This shouldn't happen.

The Naked Bike Ride

The naked bike-ride passed by our apartment on Halsted. It was probably the second coolest thing I have watched this year and among the coolest of this decade. Considering the coolest thing was the combined election/inauguration  of Barack Obama, this is in high company. I was torn between watching and riding, but I believe I made the right decision for tonight.

I would like to repeat: naked bike-rides are awesome. Just in case that wasn't stressed enough.

Avon Party

Katie had a big Avon Party tonight and no one showed up. She was pretty bummed especially because her last one went so well.

However, Maria did show up and between her and my room-mates we had a FUN time. That was nice. Now I am watching Transformers. Also nice : )

Done with Junior Year!

Already found out that it won't be straight As (at least one A-) but as Maria/Katie have reinforced, I don't need to freak out. Will I or not is left to be seen.

Grades; its that time to obsess about them

I did the math and I cannot break the 3.9 marker this quarter like I expected. By the end of the third year it is REALLY hard to alter one's GPA. Even if I get straight A's I will only be 3.898, 0.01 higher than I am right now. WTF? I need to get into grad school, people*! Give me a break!

*by people, I of course mean Math. Obviously math just doesn't like me.

Saw Conan O'Brien's first Late Night Show

It was good. I'm excited about it!

Rough Draft Competed, leaving for Retreat

For those who were interested in reading the final/semi-final draft of the talk it is now updated in my last post!

Men's Retreat Talk

Hey guys/gals/guy-gals! I am working on a retreat talk throughout today. The topic is being "The True Self" So as to get feedback, I will be posting it as I go along. Feel free to comment. It obviously will be revised thuroughly but right now I am just posting stream-of-consciouness style. The format will be learning  "Who I am through my relationships; how I learn about myself through others, through God, and through myself. Anyway, thats the plan! Here it is...

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